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TrueTear® neurostimulator for Dry Eyes NOW AVAILABLE!

We’re pleased to announce that TrueTear® is now available at our office!  If you feel like your eyes aren’t making enough tears or you’re suffering from one or more dry eye symptoms, you and your doctor can decide together if TrueTear® may be right for you.  TrueTear® is a device that uses state-of-the-art technology called neurostimulation to help your eyes temporarily make more of your own tears.  We are excited to be among a select group of practices offering TrueTear®.  Contact our office today to schedule a TrueTear® demo during your next appointment.

  • What is Dry Eye Disease & how has it been treated?  Dry Eye Disease is a deficiency in one or more components of our “complete or natural” tears, those which keep our eyes comfortable, white, and clear.  These complete or natural tears are very different from “reflex or salty” tears which are produced when we are emotional or when our eyes are irritated.  Dry Eye Disease has traditionally been treated using artificial tears, prescription eye drops, and highly purified Omega 3 supplements.
  • Are there any new treatments for Dry Eye Disease?  A first of its kind in eye care is the TrueTear® intranasal tear neurostimulator which temporarily produces more of your own complete or natural tears.  Clinical studies have shown a 2 ½ times increase in tear production.
  • How does TrueTear® work?   Similar to TENS therapy for joint pain, TrueTear® uses neurostimulation technology.  The unit emits tiny pulses of energy to stimulate a branch of the trigeminal nerve inside the nasal cavity called the anterior ethmoidal nerve (see schematic).  The tear glands react by temporarily making more of your own complete or natural tears.
  • Is TrueTear® safe, how long is the treatment and how often can it be used?   Yes, TrueTear® is extremely safe and may be used two or more times daily, as needed.  Each treatment takes no longer than 60 seconds to provide hours of relief.
  • What is the advantage of TrueTear® over more traditional therapies? Advantages are that is a drop-free, drug free option and very simple to use.  And, most importantly, the tears produced by the TrueTear® device are your body’s very own natural tears, which are always more beneficial than any type of bottled tears.

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