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LASER Cataract Enhancement

POSTERIOR CAPSULOTOMY WITH THE YAG LASER (A procedure sometimes necessary after a cataract removal) The normal lens inside our eye is crystal clear at birth and enables us to see clearly throughout our lives. When this clear lens becomes cloudy, we call it a cataract. This lens is encased in a cellophane-like, clear, outer lining called a capsule. When your eye surgeon removes the cloudy lens (cataract) from your eye, he removes the front half of the capsule and the lens. He leaves the back half of the capsule in place to help hold the implant (intraocular lens) in place. In about 70-80% of all cases after cataract surgery, this back half (posterior) of the capsule, becomes cloudy, called “Posterior Capsular Opacification”. Years ago, this cloudy capsule had to be surgically opened. In other words, the patient was taken back into the operating room, and the capsule was opened there. Today, the YAG LASER is used to open, but not remove, the cloudy capsule and improve vision.

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Dr. Janot is an Optometric Surgeons who are on the faculty at the University of Houston College of Optometry. They train interns and perform LASER procedures in conjunction with the University of Houston College of Optometry Mobile Surgical Clinic at our office. At the time of your LASER procedure, the nurse will take your vision, put drops in your eyes, and set you up to the LASER. Your doctor may place a small lens on your eye, which will keep your eyelids from closing, and will instruct you to look at a target. The procedure takes only a few minutes. There is normally no pain, only bright lights and a “popping” sound as the LASER removes the cloudy membrane. Although complications from the YAG LASER capsulotomy are rare, careful monitoring of your eye after the procedure is critical and will be scheduled at our office.

Rob, Nil, New Sign PNGDr. Janot's Vision Source Welcomes                Dr. Nilupul Bulathsinhala!


A 2022 graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry, "Dr. B" is from Cypress, Texas.  He is seeing patients full time at Dr. Janot's Vision Source and looks forward to taking care of you and your family's eye health & eyecare needs.


Learn more about Dr. Bulathsinhala here.